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Electro-optical Metrology:
Typical Applications in the Defence Industry

Torpedo Tube Checking

A digitised alignment telescope is used in conjunction with a target on a trolley. The trolley is pushed down the torpedo tube and measurements of out of alignment and tube diameter taken at various positions. The digital results are downloaded instantly to a computer for analysis.
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Radar Tracking Systems

The 112/850 Telescope (without micrometers) is used during the alignment of axes of military and civil radar tracking systems.
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Optical Sight Mounting Platform

The optical sight mounting platform of a shipborne anti-aircraft weapon needs to be harmonised or aligned to various other components of the ship’s fire control systems. The tolerance of repeatability/sighting of the check is carried out at a distance of 7,300 metres. The Micro Alignment Telescope has the necessary clarity of image and magnification for resolution of the targets, giving a repeatability within a 100mm diameter circle, at 9,600 metres.
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Periscope Bearing Alignment

Periscope bearing alignment of submarines has been established through Taylor Hobson over a number of years. Using the Micro Alignment Telescope and special target mounts.
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Submarine Applications

Modern military submarines have a number of auxiliary "masts" which protrude from the conning tower. Misalignment creates "noise". Advancements of technology and design of these systems have produced problems in the installation and maintenance of the guide bearings for these "masts". The use of two Micro Alignment Telescopes with a master reference plate and intermediate targets has proved a practical and successful solution to the problem.
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Harmonisation of Navigational and Weapons System

Taylor Hobson equipment is already used for the harmonisation of navigational and weapons systems on military aircraft. Taylor Hobson has been involved in feasibility studies with manufacturers to use Micro Alignment Telescopes, Autocollimators and Talyvel, utilising customer-engineered fixturing, as an alternative method to expensive laser equipment currently being considered.
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Military Vehicles

Military vehicles are subject to constant updating of design. One such modification required the complete replacement of the rotational bearing of a tank turret. The new bearing had to be machined in situ and referenced back to the original datum plane. The sweep optical square has been proposed as both a setting system for the machine and also as an inspection system after completion of work.
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Straightness Checks on Barrels and Tubes

Specialised Micro Alignment Telescope systems are available for checking the alignment of large gun barrels.
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Radar Assemblies

Radar assemblies, both single and bi-axial, require accurate calibration of the angular motion such that the position of the target can be accurately assessed. Errors in angular readings are critical with respect to distance of the target and such errors could prove catastrophic in use. The Taylor Hobson range of high-accuracy/high-resolution Autocollimators, when combined with precision polygons, provides a solution to this problem.
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Missile Guidance System

Part of the assembly work of a helicopter-mounted missile guidance system includes the accurate setting of certain mirrors for both angular attitude and position. Although the angular tolerances involved were difficult to resolve with the standard Micro Alignment Telescope graticule, a special graticule and master proved satisfactory.
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Alignment of Optical Systems using Telescopes

Various control systems such as those used on fighter aircraft utilise optical systems. The alignment of optical components in a system is complicated and time consuming. It is important to align the various components to the main optical path and in most cases also important to ensure these optical components are also square to the path.

With its unique features of focusing from zero to infinity and its autoreflection capability the Micro Alignment Telescope can be used to align and set optical components and systems.
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Helicopter Engine Testing

A helicopter engine test rig together with its gearbox were assembled and tested using alignment telescope and autoreflection.
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