Phase VisionLarge Scale 3D Non-contact Measurement

Phase Vision's Quartz Scanner is the ideal 3D measurement tool – measuring up to 2.2mx2.2m in a single scan, allowing rapid dimensional measurement of large components with an accuracy capability to better than 50 microns for dimensional features. Robust, portable and flexible, the Quartz Scanner is designed for use in either a factory or laboratory environment as a stand-alone system or for integrated measurement cell applications.

Phase Vision Quartz Scanner

Typical component size can range from 50mm up to 2000mm in length but 3D measurements of larger parts can also be taken with multiple scans.

Whether for use for reverse engineering, first item inspection, SPC or 100% inspection applications, the Phase Vision Scanner delivers accurate results fast. Different materials and surface finishes, steeply sloping surfaces and recessed features can all be measured.

Quartz Scanners SmartFringe structured light  technology makes it ideal for 3D dimensional inspection of:

  • Surfaces with high levels of light absorption (carbon fibre, composite materials)
  • ‘Bright’ surfaces such as machined metals
  • Components in strongly lit environments (workshops and hangars)
  • Larger components where projected light is spread over a greater surface

Phase Vision Quartz ScannerComplete systems or Contract Measurement

Phase Vision Quartz Scanner is available to purchase outright, with a full suite of software options, accessories, installation and training. We also offer Contract Measurement solutions to meet your measurement requirements – contact us for further details.