Applications using Dimensional Measurement Products

2D critical dimensions of Crown Bottle Caps

Crown bottle caps are used extensively to seal bottles of beer, cider, soft drinks and more.  We take the crown caps on our beer bottles for granted and yet the dimensions of this everyday item have a critical role: a snug fit is required to ensure the contents of the bottle are fresh and yet easy to open.   A bad batch of crown bottle caps could lose a manufacturer their next order so quality control is essential.  The Schneider VideoCAD 300/CNC/laser two dimensional measurement system can measure numerous bungs from each batch, precisely and at ultra high speed.  Measurements are completely non-contact to avoid any scratches or marks on the caps.  Large numbers of caps can be measured simultaneously;  powerful Saphir software instantly recognises the caps, measures and reports with no operator intervention required.

The optional Laser sensor measures the components height profile in 2D.  This gives the maximum peak (highest point of the component from the glass reference plate).  It can also provide a profile (curve) showing the form of the component, from the top plane, by using two traces, orientated at 90 degrees through the components centre.

Witness the speed and accuracy of our VideoCAD 300/CNC system with laser sensor in our short video:


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