Surface Roughness, Optical & Dimensional Measurement
Meeting the needs of the Aerospace industry

Surtronic surface finishSurface Finish and Form

The Taylor Hobson Surtronic portable surface roughness meters are ideal for a range of components even in difficult to access areas. Additional bespoke parameters can also be supplied to meet the individual requirements of the aerospace industry. The Form Talysurf Intra has further capabilities for waviness, form and contour measurement.

Fir tree profileDimensional Measurement Systems

Understanding the need for tight tolerances at high speed, the Schneider range of contact and non-contact systems cover a wide range of applications, from 2D dimensional measurements of intricate fasteners and gaskets to profile measurements of fir tree profiles and broaching/milling profiles.

Micro Alignment TelescopeAlignment, Angle and Level

The Taylor Hobson Micro Alignment Telescope has been used for many years to set jigs and fixtures in line during assembly. Autocollimators and the Talyvel Electronic Levels are also widely used in this area.

FARO Gage in usePortable CMM

The FARO Gage is ideal for applications such as assembly inspection, geometry checks, on-machine inspection, part inspection and surface inspection. Mounted in-situ to save valuable time, the Gage now has Bluetooth capability for increased portability.