Repair, calibration, hire and secondhand equipment

Spectrum Metrology is the authorised agent to Taylor Hobson for the service and repair of their electro optical metrology products, including:

  • Micro Alignment Telescope
  • Collimators
  • Talyvel electronic levels (models 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6)
  • Autocollimators (Ultra, VA900, TA60, DA20, DA400, DA300, DA200, DA80, TA50 Series, TA80 series)
  • Clinometers (TB80, TB100, digital clinometer, TB103, TB108, TB109, TB121, TB9008) (and other Hilger & Watts models of clinometer)
  • Other optical tooling products and telescopes including Brunson/K&E/Cubic can be calibrated

Note: older models are repairable subject to availability of spare parts and electronics. If we are unable to obtain spare parts we may be able to offer upgrades or secondhand/new equivalent instruments.

We also have a large stock of instruments available for hire for short-term contract jobs.

How often should I have my equipment calibrated?