Applications using Dimensional Measurement Products

Intramedullary nail measurement with the WMM series

intramedullary nail
Intramedullary nail on WMM shaft measurement system

When Intramedullary nails are manufactured for use in implants, absolute precision is key to ensure their perfect fit in the human body.  The WMM system with its optical measurement technology gives additional accuracy over purely tactile measurement methods. 

The nail is measured by inserting it into a fixture vertically: the WMM camera then follows the nails contour as it rotates, identifying its shape as well as length, diameter and radius. 

The powerful Saphir software is FDA approved and incorporates patented wobble compensation to ensure precise and reliable measurements.  

intramedullary nail
Dimensional measurement of Intramedullary nails with FDA approved Saphir software

Witness the unique measurement method using Schneider Messtechnik WMM/Saphir in our short video:

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