Applications using Dimensional Measurement Products

2D critical dimensions of syringe bungs

The millions of rubber syringe bungs produced globally are yet another tiny hero in the fight against covid.  Their precise, tightly fitting dimensions ensure that vaccination doses arrive sterile and without leakage.   In higher demand than ever, production needs to keep up with demand. The Schneider Messtechnik VideoCAD 300/CNC 2D dimensional measurement system can measure numerous bungs from each batch, precisely and at ultra high speed, helping to ensure stringent requirements are met. 

The VideoCAD system combines a telecentric lens and LED illumination for distortion free measurement over the entire depth of field, allowing manufacturers to precisely calculate critical dimensions such as diameter, height and side ribbing.  Powerful, FDA approved Saphir software instantly recognises each type of bung, measures and reports with no operator intervention required.

The optional Laser sensor measures the components height profile in 2D.  This gives the maximum peak (highest point of the component from the glass reference plate).  It can also provide a profile (curve) showing the form of the component, from the top plane, by using two traces, orientated at 90 degrees through the components centre.

Witness the speed and accuracy of our VideoCAD 300/CNC system with laser sensor in our short video:


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