FAROHigh Precision, Portable 3D Coordinate Measurement Systems

Spectrum Metrology is the authorised FARO distributor (UK) for the FARO Gage – the best-selling small portable CMM for accuracy on the shop floor. Setting up in seconds, it allows parts and assemblies to be measured in-situ.

  • Working volume of 1.2m – infinitely rotating axes allow the user to take measurements in hard to reach locations
  • Accuracy up to +/-0.01mm
  • FARO TentecNEW Bluetooth cable-free operation – inspect and digitize wirelessly up to 10 metres away
  • Universal 3.5in quick mount for portability and convenience – mount the Gage wherever you need it
  • Internal counterbalance allows the user to move the Gage with one hand for easy handling
  • Temperature & Overload sensors compensate and react to thermal variations and improper handling
  • Intuitive software guides the operator through every phase of the measurement process

The FARO Gage saves time and money by improving on conventional gauging tools such as callipers, micrometers, height gauges and depth gauges. Made specifically for shop floor use, the FARO Gage is easier to use than fixed CMMs but is accurate and powerful enough for advanced measurements including SPC analysis and GD&T.

Portable 3D measurement using FARO Gage

With a 1.2 metre working volume and up to +/-0.010mm accuracy, the Gage offers accuracy comparable with a fixed CMM with previously unheard of portability.

The FARO Gage performs all the functions of traditional portable measurement instruments:

Angles – Diameters & centres – Planes – Lengths – Holes – Cones