Portable 3D Scanners for Rapid large scale dimensional measurement

The Creaform range of portable 3D Scanners offer high speed, high accuracy 3D scanning regardless of environment or operator skills. These 3D scanners are handheld and light allowing total freedom of movement. The range of 3D Scanners includes:


This simple, affordable 3D Scanner enables you to capture the 3D shape of any object, including complex freeform and organic shapes, up to 10 times faster than standard 3D scanners. There is no rigid set up so scanning can be accomplished anywhere – just point and scan with no prior experience required. Scanning can be done without the need for tracking targets, however these can be used to further enhance the capabilities of the scanner.

An ideal scanner for reverse engineering, education and research projects or first article/casting inspection.


This highly portable metrology-grade 3D Scanner is the most accurate handheld scanner on the market for digitising, reverse engineering and inspection applications.

With no need for external tracking devices such as CMM/portable arms, innovative positioning targets allow quick and easy setup with accuracy guaranteed, allowing complete freedom of scanning even in confined spaces. The quality of scan data is among the best available for portable scanning devices, providing high accuracy and resolution (up to 0.04mm).

The Handyscan3D family comprises:

  • REVscan – for efficient reverse engineering and design
  • EXAscan – the most versatile scanner for inspection and demanding reverse engineering
  • VIUscan – for high resolution 3D colour data and shape
  • MAXscan – ideal for larger parts, featuring Handyscan3D ease of use with photogrammetry


Compared with any other 3D Scanner with probing capability (eg arm/scanner, laser tracker or optical scanner) the Metrascan allows total freedom of movement for significantly increased product and measurement quality at an affordable price. The scanner features dynamic referencing (literally locking onto the objects being measured) and automatic alignment to minimise any operator measuring errors.

The Metrascan is the perfect high accuracy inspection tool for analysing and reporting geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T). This system is ideal for non contact inspection, first article inspection reports, part-to-CAD comparisons and conformity assessments.