shaft measurement systemsShaft Measuring Machines

Our range of shaft measurement machines range from benchtop to large capacity (holding components up to 2000mm length) to measure  lengths, diameters, radii, angles, chamfers, as well as geometric and dimensional tolerances – with unparallelled accuracy and precision.

Carry out all your shaft measurements with one single machine.  The WMM series is designed for fast, precise, complete measurement of complex shafts and rotationally symmetric workpieces - every cutting edge and every blade can be evaluated individually or together.

Ideal for rapid, precise dimensional measurements of:

Automotive: turbochargers, engine valves, pistons, camshafts and crankshafts, gear shafts and drive shafts

Medical: implants, bone screws and rotating instruments

Turned and ground symmetrical workpieces, impellers and milling tools

Benchtop Shaft measuring machine
Benchtop Shaft measuring machine WMM100

WMM100/200 Shaft Measurement Machines (Benchtop)

This benchtop model has a large image field of 100x60mm (200mm option also available) with an intuitive user interface and powerful measurement and analysis software for fast, precision 2D measurements.

  • Image field 100x60mm (200mm optional)
  • 16 megapixel camera
  • Touch screen PC
  • Tabletop design
  • Optional rotary indexing axis

WMM Shaft Measurement Machines for larger components

Shaft measuring machines
Shaft measurement machine for larger components

This multi-sensor machine gives precise 3D measurement of lengths, diameters, radii, angles and chamfers for workpieces up to 2000 mm in length and 400 mm in diameter (see measurement range options below).

  • Ultra precision telecentric lens with optional 3D touch probe
  • Outstanding measurement speed combined with high accuracy
  • Incident light also allows measurement of blind holes and grooves
  • Used throughout the manufacturing process for ultra-fast assessments
  • Powerful Saphir software used to programming, measurements and reports
  • Larger machines have scanning or tactile probe options
  • High precision rotary axis for accurate form measurement (roundness, cylindricity etc)


See the WMM Shaft measuring machine in action:

WMX Series Express Shaft Measurement Machines 

The WMX Series offers rapid, simple measurement of static and dynamic features of rotationally symmetric components at a single button press, making it ideal for use by operatives on the production shop floor.  Using a high resolution camera with a wide field of view and advanced Saphir analysis software, the WMX series offers rapid measurement of a wide range of 2D and 3D features (length,diamenter, chamfers, radii, threads and radial runouts) at the press of a button:

  • Cost effective shaft measurement
  • Matrix camera technology for highly detailed measurement at impressive speeds
  • Innovative clamping device for quick insertion of shafts
  • Simple push button controls
  • Advanced SAPHIR software  

See the WMX Shaft measuring machine in action: