Stereoscopic Microscope
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MoticStereoscopic Zoom Microscopes

This range of inexpensive stereoscopic zoom microscopes have a complete range of accessories including:

  • Binocular and tri-ocular heads
  • Range of eyepieces and objectives
  • Digital camera options with dedicated software for image or data capture and analysis *
  • Choice of various types of illumination)

* dedicated software allows live images to be displayed, accurate measurements to be taken (certified calibration slide included), images to be filtered for image enhancement and creation of reports using integrated word processing tools.

Features include:

Optical system:

  • High resolution stereo image
  • Zoom magnification
  • Standard observation angle of 45 degrees (60 degree also available)
  • Zoom magnification range: 1x – 4x (zoom ratio 1:4)
  • Working distance 80mm


  • Widefield 10x/20

Focusing Block:

  • Rack and pinion focusing mechanisms – 48mm focusing range
  • 74mm inner head mount

Base Stand:

  • Compact foot print stand