VideoCAD 2D Geometry Measurement – high definition dimensional measurement in a matter of seconds

VideoCAD Rapid 2D geometry measurement
VideoCAD 2D geometry measurement software identifies all parts present and displays measurement within seconds

This high definition 2D geometry measurement device offers unsurpassed speed: its touch-screen software and fixture free workstage allows detailed dimensional measurements at the touch of a button. This approachable design means that 100% throughput inspection is now a reality. DXF files can also be imported for comparison.

VideoCAD 60 incorporates 4 step motorized zoom lens to allow the system to adapt to a range of minute component features and has four different fields of view for spot-on measurement.

VideoCAD 60 also incorporates new, intuitive software inspired by state-of-the-art smartphone and tablet applications. A DXF module allows measurements to be compared with associated drawings, including tolerance bands, Go/No Go identification and DXF data export.

Unprecedented Speed:

  • Your component can be placed freely on the glass and you’re off with a tap of the multi-touch screen
  • No compromise – measurements so fast that 100% throughput inspection is now a reality

Stress-free Operation:

  • Intuitive multi-touchscreen software in widescreen format for ease of viewing.
  • Clearly structured user interface with no hidden sub-menus
  • Accessible and repeatable across your workforce
Telecentric lens for distortion free measurement
Telecentric lens for distortion free measurement over the entire depth of field

Detailed, high accuracy measurements:

  • Telecentric lens gives collimated light for a distortion free image over the entire depth of field
  • 4 step motorised zoom lens for reliable measurement even of minute component features
  • 4 different fields of view for spot-on measurement
  • Import/compare/export DXF files

Watch our short video to see how quickly you can measure, programme, repeat using VideoCAD:


VideoCAD 2D Optical Measurement instruments are available in a range of sizes with manual or CNC options to suit your measurement needs:

  Vcad-60 Vcad-80 VCad300/400/500
Measurement range (mm) 65x55 70x63.5 300/400/500x200
Z axis (mm) 50 60 200
Max weight 10kg 10kg 10kg
Camera position top bottom top
Repeat accuracy 0.001mm 0.001mm 0.001mm
Length measurement error (optical (2D) DIN EN ISO 10360-7) E2 = 3.5+(L/50mm) E2 = 4+(L/50mm) E2 = 4+(L/50mm)