Laser Distance Meter

Laser Distance Meter
Laser Distance Meter shown with Alignment Telescope

The Laser Distance Meter can be used as a stand-alone accessory or used with a Micro Alignment Telescope to measure a precise distance of up to 30 metres, to an accuracy of 2mm.

Comprising a portable meter with dedicated software and optional target, the laser distance meter is particularly useful where there is an interrupted surface to be measured (such as in shipbuilding or engine alignment applications) which are difficult to mesure manually.

In its simplest form the distance meter plugs into a lap- top and the white faced target code 112-5656-01 (or similar artefact) is moved to the required position.  The laser in the distance meter reflects off the target and the result is displayed on the software screen.  The target can then be adjusted until the required distance is achieved.

Distance measurement software
Distance measurement in microns

For a fully digitised system, the distance meter can be run in conjunction with the Micro Alignment Telescope with DMAS digital software to allow accurate setting of target positions for more repeatable alignment checks. The distance readings can be recorded in the DMAS software, increasing the repeatability of the alignment readings.

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