Talyvel Analysis Software

Talyvel electronic level can be used with optional analysis software for detailed measurement reports:

Union Jack flatness analysis
Union Jack flatness analysis of surface table

Flatness Program (Grid Flatness or Union Jack (Moody) flatness)

Ideal for flatness checks on granite tables and cast iron surface plates, this icon driven software displays an initial diagram of the surface to be measured, together with surface generator lines and direction of measurement.  After the selected measurements have been taken the program calculates and displays the shape of each generator line and the flatness of the surface.  Results are displayed as an isometric diagram, certificate or results table.

Watch our video demonstration of flatness checks

Straightness analysis of slideway
Straightness analysis of slideway

Straightness and twist programs

Ideal for straightness measurement on machine tool slideways, shafts and rolls.  Results are presented in both tabular form and also as a straightness graph.

Twist and squareness can also be measured using this software.  Analysis is to least squares line or ends zero, with clear graphical representation of results.

The twist program combines a single line straightness measurement with a number of radial or cross measurements.

Squareness and Parallelism

Using a right angled base the Talyvel can be used to measure squareness.  Two single plots are taken, one at right angles to the other.  A comparison of these 2 values gives an indication of squareness.