Electro-optical Metrology:
Typical Applications in the Optics Industry

Measuring angles of optical components

Using an inexpensive, small, wide range autocollimator such as the Taylor Hobson TA60 minidekkor, angles of manufactured optics can be measured and compared easily and quickly against angle gauge standards or a master prism.  Our prism checker also allows automated measurement of prisms, cubes and polygons.
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Setting and checking precision machine tools for straightness, parallelism, squareness and level

The accuracy of the finished component is dependent on the precision to which the slides and spindle on the machine tool are manufactured and set to. Ultra high precision autocollimators can be used to automatically check and set precision machine tools such as grinders.  In addition, large optical structures such as radar mirrors or astronomical telescopes may also need aligning and setting for straightness and squareness.
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Alignment of optical systems using Telescopes

With its unique features of focusing from zero to infinity and its autoreflection capability the Micro Alignment Telescope can be used to align and set optical components and systems.  Alignment Telescopes are also available with different wavelengths, for example in the infrared spectrum.
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Measuring flatness, level and roll with the Talyvel electronic level

The foundation for many measurements and setups in the toolroom and laboratory alike is the granite or cast iron surface table. Machine beds or surface tables can be set and checked for roll, level and flatness to high accuracies with the Talyvel electronic level.
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Checking setting and measuring angular indexing

Using an autocollimator and polygon or a clinometer, angular indexing of machine head tables and gyros can be checked with Taylor Hobson equipment.  Polygons of up to 72 sides can be used.
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Monitoring moving structures or components

The final checking of an assembled system or machine tool is ideally done dynamically for its simplicity and speed. The Talyvel electronic level systems and autocollimators are ideal for checking in dynamic situations.
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