Precision Clinometers

Clinometers are valuable for simple, speedy and accurate measurement, checking and setting out of angles.

TB100 microptic clinometer
TB100 microptic clinometer

Microptic Clinometers

The Taylor Hobson TB100 Microptic Clinometer is  designed for simplicity and high accuracy.  The clinometer uses precisely divided circular glass scale, mounted on a spindle that rotates in a high quality bearing.  At  the end of its spindle is a sensitive bubble vial which acts as a horizontal reference. 

The field of view visible in the eyepiece contains two scales: the lower one is the main scale (in degrees with 10 minute sub-divisions); above it is the scale of the optical micrometer (in minutes with 10 sub-divisions).

Nato stock number 6675-00-293-2930

Digital Clinometers

The Taylor Hobson digital clinometer allows automatic setting to absolute or relative zero measuring modes at the push of a button.  This workshop clinometer uses quartz accelerometer for fast and accurate data.  Angles can be measured from each of the 4 faces and has 2 magnetic sides.  Measurements can be taken in radian, angle or mm.m.

There are 4 models of digital clinometer:

Digital Clinometer, ±15° range

Digital Clinometer, ±45° range

Dual Axis Digital Clinometer, ±60° range -

High Precision Digital Clinometer, ±60° range -

Typical applications include:

Using the clinometer as an indexing table

Measuring the angle of vices and machine tools

Measuring the angle of barrels

Measuring helicopter blade angle

Technical Data - Clinometers

Type Digital Digital

Dual Axis Digital

High Precision Digital TB100 high precision microptic
Angular range ±45° ±15° ±60° ±60° 0-360°
Max permissable error between 2 readings 2 min 30 sec 2 min

10 sec*

10 sec
 * over ± 5 deg