Customised Optical Products

With many years experience in electro-optical metrology, Spectrum Metrology can provide technical advice on a range of systems and accessories to solve your measurement problem. Below we have shown a catalogue of examples - price on application.

  • Battery operated illuminatorBattery Operated Illuminator
  • Self centring targetsSelf centring targets
  • Sighting tubeSimple, inexpensive sighting tube
  • Talyvel mounting trolleyThe Talyvel can be mounted in a special trolley for checking the ‘sag’ or straightness of rollers
  • Digital VA900Digital VA900 Autocollimator: range of measurement +/-900 sec (+/-15min)
  • Tilt indicatorSimple, 2 axis tilt indicator for checking the tilt of large trucks and tractors when mounting grass verges and steep inclines. An audio alarm when tilt is over 45° prevents the vehicle from tipping over
  • Talyvel baseA simple base for the Talyvel with tilting plate, allowing the customer to fix the Talyvel to his own fixtures
  • Engine bore target holderEngine bore target holder: lightweight target holder which can be fitted onto an engine bearing for alignment checks with the Telescope
  • Simple viewing microscopeSimple viewing microscope
  • Fixture for setting Micro Alignment TelescopeFixture for setting Micro Alignment Telescope line of sight truly vertical using a Talyvel and flat mirror
  • Indexing tablesThe autocollimator can be used to check the accuracy of polygons or indexing tables. We can supply AA gage Ultradex indexing tables for calibrating polygons.
  • Invar calibration setsInvar calibration sets for large scale 3D measurement are available in a variety of configurations
  • MicroscopeThis handheld, inexpensive and simple to use microscope can be connected to a laptop or PC for quick and clear visual inspection of a whole range of applications
  • Granite tablesGranite tables, squares and straight edges using natural or synthetic granite
  • Special targets, graticules, lenses and prismsWe can make a variety of special targets, graticules, lenses and prisms
  • Special targetsA variety of special targets for use with theodolites, photo-grammetry and laser trackers are available
  • Theodolite testSpectrum can offer to check and test your theodolite or transits