Automatic Prism/Polygon measurement system

prism / polygon angle measurement
prism / polygon angle measurement system

High stability optical angle measurement of optical prisms, polygons, wedges and angle gauges from as little as 2mm² in size.  The Taylor Hobson automatic prism/polygon measurement system offers high accuracy and reliability due to 3 key components:

  • Taylor Hobson digital Ultra Autocollimator uses the latest digital technology to produce a 2 axis, high accuracy (0.2 sec) stable measurement over a wide range (1800 sec)
  • Rotary stage gives precision positioning and movement
  • Dedicated software allows programmes to be written, saved and recalled using a simple, step-by-step process - detailed reporting gives all angular X and Y results for visual analysis or export in .csv format.

The accuracy of the setup is further improved by using an error separation technique on the table.

  • The uncertainty of reading on any measured face in the X axis is a maximum of ±0.5 arc secs
  • The uncertainty of reading on any measured face in the Y axis is a maximum of ± 1 arc secs (pyramid error)

Checking a Polygon:

The Taylor Hobson Polygon angle checker offers automatic measurement:

polygon angle measurement
polygon angle measurement

The first polygon face (zero face) is aligned to the autocollimator and set to zero along with the rotary table.  The table is then rotated until its readout matches the nominal angle of the polygon (30° increments for a 12 sided polygon).  Each face should align with the autocollimator and if perfect the autocollimator should read zero

Watch our short video showing the prism checker capabilities: