4D InSpec ® Instant shopfloor 3D micro-defect inspection

Direct surface measurement of 3D micro defects
Direct surface measurement of 3D micro defects
4D InSpec takes the guesswork out of 3D micro-measurement, quantifying pits, scratches, nicks, dents, bumps, porosity and other features from 5µm – 2.5mm deep or tall.

Handheld for the shopfloor or in a workstation configuration, 4D InSpec takes instant, 3D surface images.  The software then automatically locates defects and calculates height, volume, area, slopes and location.

  • Instant 3D surface measurement
  • 8mmx8mm field of view
  • Measures defects and features from 5µm – 2.5mm
  • Easy measurement of complex geometries
  • Handheld, workstation or robotic operation

3D corrosion measurement
3D corrosion measurement
Using a patented camera technique, the 4D InSpec can measure a wide range of part geometries in the most challenging environments.  The system can be handheld to access tight corners or to sample large items on the shopfloor.  An optional fold mirror accessory lets the system function like a borescope to access blind holes and inner diameters.

Watch our video to find out more: