4D InSpec ® Automated 3D micro surface analysis of micro-defects

If your parts require repetitive measurement our automation package with 4D inspec may be just the solution for you.  The gauge and software now natively supports automation with the Universal Robot or integrates with your own automation if required.

The automated programme is ideal for repetitive routines such as measuring the inside of cylinder walls or measuring saw blade teeth. Save 3D surface plots, a measurement pass/fail report or a text file of results to easily integrate with your process control and data recording systems.

4D InSpec Micro Surface Gauge has support for Universal Robotics UR arms (or many others) built into the 4D Inspec Analysis software.  The instruments automation features adjust for changing material colour and reflectivity automatically for each measurement.  

Watch our video to find out more:

automated 3D micro defect inspection
automated 3D micro defect inspection