Digital Probe and PIESolartron MetrologyDisplacement and Dimensional Transducers

Digital Gauging Probes – to measure dimensions:

  • Used for precision dimensional measurement – user-friendly digital network
  • Wide range of measurement strokes with excellent repeatability – robust ensuring a long sensor life
  • Calibration against laser interferometer traceable to the UK NPL
  • Spring/pneumatic push and vacuum retract actuation
  • Direct readout in mm or inch

Displacement transducerDisplacement Products – to determine positions:

LVDT Displacement Transducers:

  • From 3mm to 300mm stroke
  • Very long life (no wear)
  • Low friction – high speed
  • AC, DC, 4-20mA or Orbit Digital network output
  • Typically used for position control

Magnetostrictive Transducers:

  • Very long stroke (up to 7.6 metres)
  • Rugged construction 1000g vibration

Specialist Gauging Transducers are also available, such as Block Gauges, Mini Probes and Fixture Gauges.

Orbit3 High Speed Networking System

  • Large capacity: connect up to 200 probes (including third party sensors)
  • Plug-and-go interfaces to the PC, laptop or PLC controller of your choice (USB, RS232, ETHIM, PCI)
  • Simple modular approach – ‘hot swappable’ sensors

Watch the Solartron video for further details:

Orbit 3

Spectrum Metrology is the authorised distributor of the Solartron Metrology range of linear products. Solartron Metrology’s products provide precise linear measurements for quality control, test and measurement and machine control.