Edge break measurement: fast, portable chamfer and radius measurements using 4D InSpec ® with Edge Break Software

Edge break software used with 4D Inspec enables accurate, reproducible measurement of edge break, edge chamfers and radius of curvature at high speed, anywhere on the shop floor. 

Why does edge break matter?

The sharp edges of most precision machined surfaces are smoothed through a process called ‘edge break’.  Adding a radius or chamfer to edges eliminates possible fracture points when subject to high stresses, in applications such as turbine blades and nozzles.  Chamfers may also be added to fasteners to ensure they do not protrude from shafts or casings.  The 4D Inspec with the Edge Break software module allows detailed measurement and analysis at high speed.

The 4D Inspec provides:

  • Improved measurement repeatability and traceable results
  • Reduced positioning and measurement time for faster, more thorough inspections
  • Handheld or robot-mounted measurement for increased productivity

Improving edge break inspection

The non-contact 4DInspec is the first shop-floor gauge which gives high-resolution, 3D measurement of edge breaks, chamfers and radii.  This handheld, portable gauge can measure features inside bores, under flanges and across large surfaces.  It is immune to vibration so can make repeatable, accurate measurements.   

An example of time saving

For a particular component, one automotive manufacturer needed to measure around 25 edge break features including radius of curvature, rounded corner and chamfer.  Traditional stylus instruments took 15 per measurement  - and several hours per component. 

Using 4D Inspec operators were able to complete measurement of the whole component within 15 minutes right on the shopfloor, with higher accuracy and repeatability then a stylus.

Calculating edge in 3D: 4dInspec measures in 3D so the entire edge can be imaged.  The software can compensate for tilt and rotation, making it highly tolerant of alignment angle, so alignment takes just seconds.

Measuring chamfer angles: Chamfer geometries are precisely controlled to ensure that fasteners provide a good fit and high performance as well as aesthetic finish.  These features have traditionally been hard to measure – the 4DInspec can assess all the important characteristics of the chamfer – the location, the relative slope of the two adjoining surfaces and the location of the brokenedge, along with the angle of the chamfer face with respect to the surfaces. 

Measuring radius of curvature: Measurement of convex or concave radius of curvature normally requires extreme attention to alignment however the 4D Inspec is tolerant to a wide alignment range, reducing positioning time to seconds and ensuring repeatable measurements.  4D Inspec can even measure very small radii, common in cutting tools and small aerospace components.