Laser Gauge® Non-contact profile and Contour Line Scanner

This non-contact profile and contour line scanner is ideal for fast assessment of height, depth, gap/flush, radius, angle, length and width.  Their proven technology ensures that measurements are fast and reliable even on complex components.  Laser Gauge configurations range from self-contained hand-held scanners through to processor/computer controlled units and automated systems.  Blue Laser Technology is also available for components which include transparent surfaces.

profile and contour line scanner
Rapid measurement of fastener height/depth

Applications include:


  • Gap and flush (external)
  • Gap and flush (internal)
  • Welding
  • Radius
  • Breaking edge/radius/chamfer
  • Step/angle


    line scanner with blue laser technology
    Blue laser technology for transparent surfaces
  • Gouges and dents
  • Pitting and corrosion
  • Leading edge profile
  • Fasteners height / pin protrusion
  • Dielectric fill

Other applications:

  • Contour
  • Welds

This advanced range of sensors allow measurements to be taken quickly, accurately and repeatably even on complex surfaces. Gap and flush can be measured with one pull of the trigger; the values displayed in a data table and saved to a file in seconds. Inspection routines consisting of hundreds of points can be completed in minutes instead of hours.

Complex features can be measured according to design criteria, making the data much more meaningful than that generated by mechanical or manual methods. Operators are alerted to out-of-spec conditions and can be required to verify those conditions before continuing.   Data files can be saved automatically for documentation purposes or subsequent analysis.

Laser Gauge ® uses laser triangulation methods to acquire a 2D contour of the surface to be measured but these systems are not limited to a single laser stripe.  Other structured light options, such as multiple line imaging, cross-vector and bore imaging are available to cover a wide range of measurement requirements.    

Blue Laser Technology is also available for components which include transparent surfaces. This video shows a fully automated system but handheld versions are also available: