SMR Target Holders, Adaptors and accessories for use with Laser Trackers

Used for 3D measurements such as laser trackers and photogrammetry, these holders provide accurate cost effective holders for SMR reflectors.

This range of SMR targetholders is available for use with 1.5, 0.875 and 0.5in SMRs (CCRs)reflectors and with a range of diameters and offsets to suit your requirement, including:

  • THDN Drift Nests

    THDN Drift Nests

    Magnetic, flat back drift nests for use as temporary targets on almost any surface.  Negative drift nests also available.

  • TH Standard Target Holders

    TH Standard Target Holders

    Shank mounts, for mounting in a selection of hole diameters to suit your requirement – select the shank diameter and offset to suit your application

  • THSB Diamond shank Target Holders

    THSB ‘Diamond shank’ Target Holders

    Mounts for use with slotted bushings

  • THS shankless target holder

    THS shankless Target Holder

    This magnetic adapter provides an SMR nest which fits into any corner and puts a 1.5" diameter SMR exactly 0.800" away from the rising surface, within ±0.0005".

  • THE Edge Target Holders

    THE Edge Target Holders

    This magnetic adapter provides an SMR nest which locates an edge within ±0.0005" (for outside corners)

  • THF permanent floor and reference mounts

    THF permanent Floor and Reference Mounts

    This floor target mount provides for a permanent target location in the floor or wall.

  • THCP centre punch

    THCP Centre Punch

    This magnetic adapter is an SMR nest doubles as a transfer punch locator, allowing you to mark a point directly under the SMR.

  • 1.5ADP 1.5in (38mm) adaptors

    1.5ADP 1.5in (38mm) Adaptors

    to accurately hold smaller SMRs (CCRs)

Target Holders in custom sizes:

We can supply target holders to meet your specific size requirements - most variations are available - just contact us with your dimensions or drawings.

Target holders can also be serialized and certified if required.  Each dimension certified by Brunson is taken using a UKAS-traceable process. A laser-etched serial number identifies the target holder for easy component management. 

SMR diagram