About our Heavy Duty Stands (230, 231, 232 & 233 Stands):

230 stand
Heavy duty cast iron stands with castors

The key components of the Heavy Duty Stands are:


The bases of these stands are cast iron for strength and stability. Three castors with rubber tyres are used for mobility and may be retracted into the base with a foot pedal. In use the stand rests on three adjusting screws with locking nuts which allow the stand to be levelled on uneven surfaces


The intermediate tube is raised and lowered with 4 spoke-like handles for precise adjustment.

Main Tube

The main outer tubes are seamless steel with clamping collar at the upper end. An air-check mechanism prevents rapid descent of the instrument if the levers are released.

Intermediate Tube

The inner tubes are hard chrome-plated for wear and rust resistance. Interchangeable instrument mounts and various accessories may be fitted into the upper end of the tube.