Rock Steady Heavy Duty Stands (RS-230, RS-231 & RS-233 Stands):

This latest design of heavy duty stand gives excellent metrology stability, supporting the tight-tolerance measurement requirements required for use with instruments such as:       

  • Laser Trackers     
  • Portable CMM arms
  • Laser scanners
  • Laser radars
  • Theodolites
  • Optical Tooling Instruments

The new design of heavy duty metrology stands feature:

Air-cushioned telescoping tube: The hard wearing design includes air-cushioned telescoping tube which protects delicate instruments. The stand has been designed to suppress the effect of instrument vibration upon metrology processes.

Large, dual wheel, 5inch casters: Three dual wheel castors give enhanced mobility - allowing the stand to roll unimpeded over uneven surfaces, power cords, floor tracks etc

Trivets: The hidden trivets are designed to nest into a recessed position between the castors, eliminating floor contact and damage.  The trivets have tool-less precision levelling adjusters.

Claw foot tribrach base

Simple foot-pedal operation

A wide range of models are available:

MODEL Min height Max height Max weight
RS-230 1118mm 1740mm 68.2kg
RS-233 965mm 1435mm 68.2kg
RS-231 788mm 1092mm 68.2kg
RS-231-MOD 572mm 686mm 68.2kg
RS-F-6 (fixed)  140mm 140mm 68.2kg
RS-F-24 (fixed) 610mm 610mm 68.2kg
RS-F-36 (fixed) 914mm 914mm 68.2kg
RS-F-48 1219mm 1219mm 68.2kg

See the full line up: