Very Tall Stands and Motorised Tooling Bars

232-SP stand
Very Tall Stands for use with metrology instruments

The 232-SP stand is available in sizes from 10' 2" (3.1m) to as high as 37' 4" (11.4m), depending upon the model. Stand height is measured from the floor to the top of the intermediate tube, on which all instrument mount accessories are attached.Our MVTB Series motorized vertical tooling bars give you the ability to position your instrument easily to any point within a wide vertical range.

This stand is designed for use with many types of metrology instruments. The instrument is mounted on a shelf which is attached to a motor-driven carriage. A ground-level, hand-held pendant controls the movement of the carriage along the vertical rail. A motor brake holds the carriage in place if power is lost.

These tooling bars have two different height classes - Standard (7.3m bar height, max instrument shelf height 6.6m) and Extended (11.3m bar height, max instrument shelf height 10.5m). Assembly and installation by factory technicians may be required.