Electro-Optical Metrology Upgrades

Enhance your Micro Alignment Telescope with the latest technology

The addition of cameras and software to your Taylor Hobson Micro Alignment Telescope improve the speed and flexibility of your measurements, allowing the Telescope to be used over longer distances:

1. Digital Alignment Telescope: Digital camera with measurement software to automate and digitise your measurements

A high resolution CCD camera with software automatically senses the centre position of the targets then calculates the displacement from a set datum to ensure a fast set up time with repeatable readings, as well as digitally outputting the result. This accessory is particularly useful on large alignment projects such as aircraft jigs or large machine tools since a single operator can make measurements and adjustments along the construction or fixture while the target is displayed on the monitor.

Target readings are recorded along the component and can then be output as a graph/results table or saved for further analysis. Analysis of the results can give advice on the required precise adjustment of the component under construction to bring it in line quickly.

2. Vivi digital camera for a clear view of your alignment target

CCTV software for alignment telescope
Video Viewer software for alignment telescope

A miniature digital camera can be fitted to the telescope eyepiece to remotely view the target when working for example in difficult locations. The system comes with user-friendly software which allows you to magnify the target image by up to x8 for ease of viewing.  Measurements can be input by hand to create graphs and results that can be saved for reference. Templates can also be selected to aid with viewing and images can be saved to archive.

By viewing the target image on the monitor, parallax problems are eliminated and set-up made quicker, allowing the operator to adjust the machine tool, targets or fixtures that require setting, without having to return to the Telescope each time or rely on a second operator for adjustment directions. It also allows a number of operators to observe the target image at the same time, or alternatively one operator can view a series of Telescopes. 

3. Motorised focus control unit accessory

motorised focus on telescope
Motorised focus for alignment telescope

The motorised focus control unit allows the Alignment Telescope to be focused remotely - ideal in any environment where the operator cannot be close to the telescope.  This could include hazardous environments such as in the nuclear industry or simply areas where the operator cannot easily access the telescope (eg confined locations).

The unit comprises a focus control attachment for the alignment telescope and a cabled control box.  The system is used either with the vivi visual camera system or the DMAS camera measurement system.  The operator can focus the telescope to the target using the control box and view it on the laptop monitor.

Additional accessories:

Additional accessories which improve ease of use of the Alignment Telescope over longer distances include:

High intensity light source: using a green LED light with brightness adjustment 

High magnification eyepiece: gives a x50 magnification instead of the usual x34 magnification

Long distance targets: with thicker rings to improve visibility when working at longer distances

Laser sighting aid: attaches to the telescope to speed up initial setting time in finding the target.