Using Alignment Telescopes with motorised focus drum

motorised focus drum on micro alignment telescope
Motorised focus drum on Micro Alignment Telescope

The Micro alignment telescope is mainly used to put items in line or to measure out of alignment.  A standard telescope comes with 3 micrometer drums - 2 for alignment of the X and Y axis and one focus drum.

The Motorised focus control unit allows the Alignment Telescope to be focused remotely –ideal in any environment where the operator cannot be close to the telescope.  This could include hazardous environments such as in the nuclear industry or simply areas where the operator cannot easily access the telescope (eg confined locations).

The unit comprises a focus control attachment on the telescope and a cabled control box. 

DMAS camera system with alignment software

The system can either be used with the Taylor Hobson ViVi visual camera system or DMAS camera measurement system. The operator can focus the telescope to the target using the control box and view it on the laptop monitor.