Alignment and Level in the Nuclear Industry

Engine alignment
Diesel engine alignment

Taylor Hobson measurement products have been used for many years in the nuclear industry for checking, measuring and monitoring alignment and level.

Assembly of vertical heat exchangers for use in the nuclear power industry presents problems not usually found in other industries. The requirement is for all the tubes to be vertical and thus parallel to each other. Initial setting of the Micro Alignment Telescope is achieved by auto-reflecting off a plane mirror which has been set truly horizontal by use of Talyvel. Each tube is then sighted using the telescope and brought into alignment.

A major advantage of the alignment telescope is the ability to focus through glass windows and multiple windows to define a straight line reference - alignment of items can be made truly vertically or truly horizontally.  An optional DMAS camera system allows the operator to view the X and Y axis without requiring the operator to be close to the telescope.   A motorised focus assembly can also be added which allows the telescope to be focused at a distance from the telescope.