Small Angle Generator for Calibration of your equipment

Equipment such as autocollimators, angle gauges, electronic levels, and level vials used in block levels require periodic calibration to verify their capability for precise measurement. The TA48 small angle generator is a device for obtaining precisely known small angular deflections, allowing users to calibrate their own equipment.

It consists of a beam which is pivoted at one end on rollers; the other end can be displaced a known amount by means of a large diameter micrometer drum, the anvil of which bears down vertically on a steel ball mounted on the base.

The beam carries a reflector which can be mounted at two heights for autocollimator tests, and a small bed with adjustable vees for checking bubble vials. A lever with adjustable counterweight reduces the contact force of the micrometer anvil to the recommended 100gf when the micrometer screw is in its mid position. The micrometer end of the bar is raised or lowered carefully by means of an auxiliary lever, to prevent damage to the anvil.

An alternative method of obtaining a precise deflection is to use slip gauges; a slip gauge attachment, which replaces the micrometer, is supplied for this purpose. The anvil of the attachment carries three small balls which rest on the slip gauge and hold it, supported on the large ball, parallel to the beam. A weight is placed over the attachment to make the contact force equal to that of the micrometer, without it being necessary to adjust the main counterweight. The auxiliary lever again allows the anvil to be lowered carefully onto the slip gauge without the risk of damage.

Alternatively Taylor Hobson has its own UKAS laboratory which can offer an independent, traceable calibration. Regular service and calibration will guarantee that the performance specification is traceable to international standards.

We also offer other less sophisticated sine bars, granite tables, straight edges, squares and alignment telescope test equipment. Please contact us for further details.