Schneider Messtechnik

Schneider MesstechnikSpectrum Metrology is the exclusive UK agent for the Schneider range of optical products, which includes Portable CMMs, Multisensor CMMs, Shaft Measurement Machines and 2D Geometry Systems.

Originally established as an optics company in 1947, Dr. Schneider Messtechnik measuring units are being used nowadays throughout the world in the automotive industry as well as by its suppliers, the machine and tool construction industry as well as electrical, plastics, Formula 1 and calibration services. Many leading companies in the aircraft industry measure today with Schneider Messtechnik machines.

Besides contactless measuring technology for measuring projectors, Dr. Heinrich Schneider combines optical and tactile measuring technologies in the product line SKM (Schneider coordinate measuring units) introduced in 1997. The most up-to-date image processing is the new core competence. Accuracy and fastness are indispensable principles of Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik in times of increased challenges in measuring rooms and production environments.

Schneider Messtechnik is certified ISO 9001/2000. In 2001 Schneider received the Q1 award from Ford.