Form Talysurf Intra Contour

Form Talysurf Intra Contour
Form Talysurf Intra Contour: Portable Contour measurement

This latest portable shop floor contour system in the Form Talysurf range offers a wide range of 32mm to accommodate even the largest features on typical components with enough resolution to detect the smallest contour deviations (120nm) (super precision mode delivers 25nm over a 6.4mm range).  A 20mm range pickup option offers 75nm resolution (15nm over a 4mm range).

Features include:

  • Z measurement range up to 32mm (120nm resolution)
  • Contour and surface roughness measurement using the same gauge and stylus
  • Extremely high accuracy straightness  datum delivers dependable results over full 50mm traverse length (<0.3µm/50mm)
  • Unique and patented calibration method for fast, accurate calibration or Z gain. arcuate motion and tip geometry
  • 0.5µm horizontal data spacing for optimum angle and radius measurement

Advanced contour software:

  • Basic contour analysis software includes full dimensioning toolkit for arc, radius, angle and dimension
  • Advanced contour software includes auto-dimensioning, auto tolerancing, DXF import and gothic arch and V-groove analysis

Applications include:

  • Bearing groove profiles (for dimensions and roughness)
  • Wear on component profiles (comparing with original drawings)
  • Brake callipers (profile of undercuts and/or surface finish in grooves)
  • Screw threads, ball screws, bone screws

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