Surtronic Duo portable surface roughness tester

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Surtronic Duo-II surface finish tester

Surtronic Duo-9
Surtronic Duo surface roughness using bluetooth technology

The Taylor Hobson surface tester Surtronic Duo measures multiple roughness parameters at the touch of a button and shows the result in numerical and graphical format on a large LCD window:

  • Choice of 9 surface roughness parameters (Ra, Rz, Rt, Rp, Rv, plus Rsk, Rku, Rq, Rz1max) and 5 unfiltered parameters
  • Bluetooth technology for wireless communication between display and measurement unit
  • Uses heavy duty rechargeable batteries with USB mini charging port
  • Rubberised moulding for enhanced durability in a shopfloor environment

See the Surtronic Duo-9 Surface Finish Tester in action:

Technical Data

Gauge range: 200μm (0.008in)
Accuracy: 5% of reading +0.1μm (4μin)
Traverse Length: 5mm (0.2in)
Roughness Parameters: Ra 40μm (1600μin) range, 0.01μm (0.4μin) resolution
Rz, Rv, Rp, Rt: 199μm (7800μin) range, 0.1μm (4μin) resolution
Surtronic Duo-5
The Surtronic Duo-5 (code M112-3115) has been replaced by the Surtronic Duo-9 above

Surface Finish Parameters:

Ra (Arithmetic Mean Deviation, previously known as CLA or AA)

Rz (Average peak to valley height)

Rv (Max height of the profile below the mean line within the sampling length)

Rp (Max height of the profile above the mean line within the sampling length)

Rt (Maximum peak to valley height of profile)

Rz1max (largest peak to valley in any sampling length within the evaluation length)

Rsk (skewness - the measure of the symmetry of the profile about the mean line)

Rq (the rms root-mean-square (rms) of value of the departures of the profile from the mean line)

Rku (kurtosis - a measure of the sharpness of the surface profile)


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