Schneider Messtechnik3D Multi-Sensor Co-Ordinate Measuring Machines

This portal style measuring machine features an ultra-high resolution CCD camera as well as a touch/scanning probe and optional non-contact probe to cover a wide range of measurement requirements.

3D Multi-Sensor Measuring Machine
3D Multi-Sensor Measuring Machine

Measurements can be carried out simultaneously using the powerful Saphir software.

  • A full range of systems with measuring range 200x20mm up to 1500x1700mm
  • Ultra precision telecentric objective with green and red LED illumination, separately switchable for optimum light
  • Touch probe operates on a separate calibrated channel to avoid damage when not in use
  • Granite construction for complete stability and durability
  • Powerful yet user-friendly dedicated software used across the Schneider range

Technical Data

(3 models shown below - please request a copy of our brochure for the full range of products)

    PMS600 (fixed bridge) PMS1700 (moving bridge)
Measuring range:   X 600mm, Y 600mm, Z 300mm (optional 600mm) X 1500mm, Y 1700mm, Z 300mm (optional 600mm)
Objective: Telecentric
Resolution: 0.1µm
Max travel speed: 100mm/s
Positioning precision: 0.1µm
Workpiece max weight: 20kg
Inaccuracy of length measurement: E1 (2.0+L/300mm)µm
E2 (3.0+L/300mm)µm