Applications using Dimensional Measurement Products

Automated Inspection of Piston Ring Geometries

The Schneider VideoCAD is ideally suited to measuring piston ring profiles due to its unsurpassed measurement speed and high resolutions (using an ultra-high-definition camera). A joint project between the manufacturer, Schneider Messtechnik, and a major piston manufacturer resulted in an advanced automated measurement system, reducing inspection times to a fraction of their original time.

The system comprises two modules: module 1 uses the combined powers of the VideoCAD and Schneiders Saphir software. Module 2 is a customized design using cameras. The piston rings are stacked and fed into the measurement area by means of a slide. Module 1 measures the wall thickness of each ring, outside diameter and every single ring segment – with an accuracy of +/-2.5 micron. Module 2 then measures the face widths of the rings in cross section and the form deviations of individual segments.

Each process including automatic packaging and comprehensive reporting takes just four minutes.

Automated Inspection of Piston Ring Geometries
Automated measurement of piston ring geometries using powerful sapphir software