Schneider MesstechnikProfile Projectors & Measurement Projectors (Shadowgraphs)

We offer a range of profile projectors (shadowgraphs) and measurement projectors with workstage and software configurations for a variety of component sizes and complexities to suit your requirements:

1. Profile Projectors

PV300 shadowgraph

The ultra-stable Schneider range of profile projectors incorporate large working distances, load capacity and screen sizes of up to 1.5metres to accommodate a wide range of components.

  • Long working distance for tall workpieces (up to 258mm on standard instruments
  • Standard profile projector
    PV300 Profile Projector stage
  • Large load capacity
  • Horizontal or Vertical configurations available from 300mm up to 1.5m screen dia
  • Robust construction
  • Transmitted and incidental illumination for optimum clarity
  • Optional touchscreen Multicount 200 processor & external edge detector

Technical Data

  PV300 PV360 P600V
Screen size: 300mm 360mm 600mm
Measuring range: 200x100mm 200x100mm 250x125mm
Image field (at x5 mag): 30mm 30mm 120mm
Working distance (at x5 mag): 115mm 134mm 258mm
Projection accuracy: 0.15% for transmitted light, 0.10% incident 0.15% transmitted, 0.10% incident 0.10% for transmitted light, 0.08% incident
Stage size: 400x240mm 400x240mm 520x325mm
Max distortion: 0.1% 0.1% 0.2%

Other configurations/sizes are also available.

2. Ultra Precision Measurement Projectors

Ultra precision measurement projector
Ultra precision measurement projector

With the addition of an integral edge sensor in the beam path of the projector to determine the exact edges of the workpiece (completely independently of ambient light conditions) we have the Schneider range of measurement projectors.

Projectors with screen sizes as large as 1000mm (vertical or horizontal) are available for applications such as blade root profile and turbine wheel/turbine blade.  The projectors can be used with CNC control and Saphir software.

  • Telecentric illumination and objectives reduce distortion (see spec below)
  • Both transmitted and incidental illumination for optimum focus
  • Digital readout with Multicount 2000 processor and optional camera and image processing functions
  • Consistent quality of measurement results with no readjustment required
  • Optional CNC control for automatic workpiece measurement
  • Large range of optional fixtures and accessories for ease of use

Technical Data

Screen size: 360mm vertical 360mm horizontal 600mm or 1000mm horiz 600mm or 1000mm vertical
Measuring range: 300x200mm 250x150mm 350x300mm to 750x300mm 300x200mm to 500x200mm
Image field (at x10 mag): 36mm 36mm 60mm for 600, 100mm for 1000 60mm for 600, 100mm for 1000
Working distance (at x10 mag): 115mm 115mm 136mm for 600, 240mm for 1000 136mm for 600, 240mm for 1000
Stage size: 520x325mm 500x135mm 750x200mm to 1200mmx200mm 600x440mm to 800x440mm
Length measuring uncertainty**: E2 (2.0+L/80mm)µm E2 (2.0+L/80mm)µm E2 (2.0+L/80mm)µm E2 (2.0+L/80mm)µm
Max distortion: 0.1% 0.1% n/a n/a
Projection precision: 0.15% transmitted light, 0.10% incident 0.15% transmitted light, 0.10% incident 0.10% incident and transmitted light 0.10% incident and transmitted light

* other models available – please contact us for details
** measuring length L in mm