Schneider MesstechnikWorkshop Video Measurement Microscope

The WM1 Series Workshop Video Measurement Microscope offers high precision 2D or 3D geometry dimensional measurement at an affordable price.  Telecentric lens and high resolution camera ensure a sharp, distortion free image and measurement uncertainties are traceable to ISO10360-7. Its flexible configuration allows a range of options for magnifications, software and touch probe CNC (for 3D measurement).

The advanced, user-friendly software has .dxf import/export options and allows fast geometric analysis of circles, line arcs, points and more.  Ideal for measuring complex components such as stamped parts, plastic, rubber, milled parts, electrical connectors, inserts for cutting tools and many more.

The video measurement microscope comprises:

  • High resolution matrix CCD camera
  • Telecentric lens for crisp, distortion free image
  • Incident surface light using 56 white LEDs, separately switchable for optimum focus
  • Precision stage with needle bearings for fast and accurate positioning
  • Workshop video microscope
    WM1 workshop video microscope with optional touch probe
  • Granite construction for stability and durability
  • powerful M3 or Saphir measurement Software with PC
  • Optional 3 axis CNC control and addition of Renishaw touch probe

Technical Data (larger models are available)

Measuring range:

X&Y: 200x100/300x200mm up to 500x200

Z: 100mm/200mm



Max weight of workpiece:


Length measurement uncertainty:

E2 = (1.9+L/100mm)um (measuring length L in mm)

See the WM1 workshop measuring microscope in action on our short video:

WM1 video measurement microscope with incident light
WM1 video measurement microscope with incident light

We would be pleased to demonstrate the capabilities of the WM1 Measurement Microscope by measuring a sample component for you – please email us at with your details.