Precision Electronic Levels and Clinometers

Talyvel 6 precision electronic level with operating software
Talyvel 6 precision electronic level with operating software

The Taylor Hobson Talyvel electronic levels and range of precision clinometers are used for angle, level (inclination), flatness and straightness measurements:

  • Level and Flatness measurement: (surface plates and granite tables)
  • Straightness and Twist (roll) measurement: (machine slides)
  • Squareness measurement: (of machine columns)
  • Angle measurement: (remote monitoring of movement of structures)
  • Parallelism measurement

From full 360 degree measurement to level measurements to 0.1 second.

Talyvel 6 Electronic Precision Level

Talyvel 6 precision level for flatness measurement
Talyvel 6 precision level for flatness measurement

Used for measuring straightness, flatness or absolute level, the Taylor Hobson Talyvel 6 interfaces directly to a touchscreen PC and can be used in wireless mode for complete flexibility.

Incorporating a highly stable pendulum transducer in the Level Unit and a rechargeable battery, the Talyvel 6 is simple to calibrate and operate, with a fast measurement response time and exceptional stability. Talyvel 6 provides rapid and simple reading of angle of tilt and measurement relative to gravity; it can also function as a comparator to detect departures from a preset attitude, which may not necessarily be level.

The clear, icon-driven operating software takes stable, high accuracy measurements directly from the PC.  Clear instructions minimise operator problems; users can see battery life, which levels are connected and where they are in the range.

Detailed analysis and reporting is available with optional analysis software/

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Technical Data - Talyvel

Angular range: 1600 seconds (+/-600 seconds calibrated) *
Best Accuracy: 0.2 seconds
System Accuracy: +/-1 seconds over central 100 seconds,
+/-6 seconds over +/- 600 seconds
Response Time: settling time of display 2 seconds
Working temperature range: -5°C to +40°C
Max distance between display unit and level unit: standard lead 3m (longer leads POA), wireless optional ≤10m

* Wide Range Talyvels are also available giving +/-2000 seconds range

Precision Clinometers

Clinometers are valuable for simple, speedy and accurate measurement, checking and setting out of angles.

The Taylor Hobson TB100 Microptic Clinometer is  designed for simplicity and high accuracy.  The clinometer uses precisely divided circular glass scale, mounted on a spindle that rotates in a high quality bearing.  At  the end of its spindle is a sensitive bubble vial which acts as a horizontal reference. 

The Taylor Hobson digital clinometer allows automatic setting to absolute or relative zero measuring modes at the push of a button.  All four sides of the hard anodized aluminium frame are precision machined to make possible angle measurement in any quadrant. 

Technical Data - Clinometers

Angular range: 0-360° +45°
Reading to: 10 sec 4 sec
Max permissible error between any 2 readings shall not exceed: 10 sec 2 min
Repetition of fudicial setting: Bubble 2 sec N/A

See the Talyvel electronic level in action: