Electro-Optical Metrology Upgrades

Enhance your Autocollimator with the latest technology

We trust that your Taylor Hobson Autocollimator is offering you reliable and accurate measurement results, however you will be pleased to learn that we can now offer you a number of improvements to the speed and flexibility of your measurements:

1. Windows ® software for enhanced analysis of your results

This easy to use analysis software can be interfaced to any of the DA Series autocollimators to study straightness, twist and flatness. The software package also includes a program to calibrate rotary devices and polygons. If you already use software with your autocollimator, upgrades are available to revision 7.

2. A fibre optic light source for a clearer, stronger image

When measuring surfaces of low reflectance such as glass or on mirrors with a small surface area, the image is often faint and unclear. With the addition of this enhanced light source accessory a stronger and clearer image is achievable.

3. CCTV camera for ease of use

To reduce eye fatigue and enable the operator to remotely view the autocollimator when working in difficult locations this accessory is ideal. It also lends itself to automatic or semi-automatic systems by allowing an operator to view more than one autocollimator at one time.

4. Use the autocollimator in conjunction with the Talyvel electronic level to measure roll or twist

When measuring the straightness of a machine tool slide or rail it is often important not only to know that the straightness of the slide is good in X (up and down) and Y (left to right) but also that the slide is not twisted. With the addition of a Talyvel electronic level and the latest electro-optical metrology software this can be easily and quickly checked.

5. Trade in your DA autocollimator to the Ultra autocollimator

Autocollimators are often critical in the production and any downtime due to breakdowns can cause serious delays.  We can offer attractive trade-in offers for the latest ultra autocollimator in place of obsolete models (including DA80, DA200, DA300, DA400 and DA20 models).  See details of the latest autocollimators here