Dual axis digital autocollimators with icon driven software

Taylor Hobson precision Autocollimators are sensitive optical instruments  designed for the accurate measurement of small angular displacements. These autocollimators are used to measure:

  • Angle: (indexing head accuracy)
  • Straightness (machine tool slides in two axes)
  • Squareness (column to slideways)
  • Parallelism (slideways)

From inexpensive visual autocollimators or dual axis digital autocollimators capable of measuring 0.01 second, equivalent to 50nm per m.  Taylor Hobson autocollimators are used in conjunction with reflecting mirrors for the accurate measurement of small angular deviations.

Windows ®* based software programs used with the digital autocollimators give graphical output of flatness, straightness, squareness, twist and polygons up to 72 faces.

* Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation

Digital Autocollimators

ultra autocollimator software
Ultra autocollimator uses icon driven software

Using the latest CCD technology the new Ultra Dual Axis Autocollimator offers high accuracy and stability over a range of applications.  This wide range autocollimator comes with a laser sighting aid for simple setup and a tablet PC with integrated, icon-driven software for measurement, calculation and analysis of a range of features.

A range of Digital Ultra autocollimator models are available to suit various measurement applications:

  • 142-201 Ultra Autocollimator (universal configuration)
  • 142-204 Ultra High Precision Autocollimator (high precision angle measurement)
  • 142-206 Ultra Long Distance Autocollimator (max working distance 25m)
  • 142-213 Ultra Fast Autocollimator (reading rate of 100 Hz)
  • 142-214 Ultra Wide Range Autocollimator (+/-2000 sec range)

All the above ultra autocollimators come as standard with a levelling base.

Please contact us for full specifications on these models

TA51 microptic autocollimator
TA51 microptic autocollimator

Visual Autocollimators

Taylor Hobson has a range of visual dual axis autocollimators which use a graticule in the eyepiece viewing system, with or without micrometers. 

The TA60 Minidekkor uses a two axis graticule for general measuring duties in workshop and toolroom.  The standard minidekkor is provided with a dark field graticule which allows clear images to be obtained from low reflectivity surfaces such as unsilverred glass and from surfaces as small as 3mm in diameter.

The VA900 Microptic Dual Axis Autocollimator allows measurement of the two axes using a combination of the instruments two axes graticule and single micrometer and is provided as standard with a dark field graticule.

Microptic autocollimator with visual camera system
Microptic autocollimator with visual camera system

The TA51 MIcroptic Dual Axis Autocollimator is supplied as standard with a light field graticule and has two micrometers, one in each axis of measurement.  The micrometer is used to move the eyepiece graticule across the field of view until it coincides with the reflected target graticule image.  The angular displacement of the reflector canthen be read directly from the micrometer scale.  This system comes as standard with a levelling base.

The visual autocollimator range can also be used with a high resolution visual camera system in place of an eyepiece.  Dedicated vivi software allows the image to be magnified up to x8, making it easier to view any angle changes precisely and minimising eye strain.

Technical Data

The Taylor Hobson autocollimator range comprises visual autocollimators (TA60, VA900 and TA51) and dual axis digital autocollimators (Ultra and Ultra HP).  Other variants of the digital autocollimators are available (see above) including a longer distance autocollimator (measurement up to 25 metres) and a faster measuring autocollimator (100Hz, for applications such as scanning the angular changes of devices or assemblies using a reflector).

TypeTA60VA900TA51Ultra HighUltra
Accuracy: 6 sec 1 sec 0.5 sec 0.1 sec (over central 100 sec) 0.2 sec (over central 800 sec)
Range of measurement: 60x60 min ±900 sec
(±1500 sec ext)
10 min 300 sec 1800 sec
Direct reading to: 60 sec 0.5 sec 0.2 sec 0.0001 sec 0.001 sec

See the Taylor Hobson Ultra Autocollimator in action: