Using Alignment Telescopes over long distances

CCTV alignment telescope
CCTV for alignment telescope allows magnification up to x8

The Taylor Hobson Micro Alignment Telescope can focus from zero to infinity - the only limitation is our eyesight!  Using the latest camera technology, LED lighting and software options we can improve our ability to use the alignment telescope over distances for long range applications such as alignment of propellor shafts, aero engine components and more.

High Magnification Eyepiece:

A high magnification eyepiece gives x50 magnification (standard eyepiece is x34) for use on all Taylor Hobson alignment telescopes.

High intensity light source:

illuminator for alignment telescope
High intensity illuminator for alignment telescope

A high intensity target illuminator using a LED light source and switch for brightness adjustment to give optimum viewing illumination.

CCTV Digital camera with Video Viewer software:

Software allows users to select a range of magnifications from x2 to x8 for ease of use.  The camera adaptor allows fine adjustment for focus and centrality of the image.  Viewing the target image in the monitor allows the operator to adjust the machine tool, targets or fixtures witout having to return to the telescope each time.  See a brief video of the CCTV in action

Long distance targets

Long distance targets with thicker rings can improve visibility when working over longer distances.

Sighting aid

Attaches to the end of the telescope to speed up initial setting time in finding the alignment target.