Micro Alignment Telescope makes easy work of engine alignment for remachining work

Engine alignment
Diesel engine alignment

When refurbishing large diesel engines it is important that the engine bores and the machining system are in line before boring can commence. The tried and tested Taylor Hobson Micro Alignment Telescope, with a miniature camera attachment, made this job both simple and quick for the Deutz service centre at Cologne, Germany. This method has proved so successful that Deutz can now offer a totally flexible

Firstly the engine bores are aligned - any mis-alignment can be viewed directly by the operator making the adjustments by viewing the camera system which is attached to the Micro Alignment Telescope eyepiece. This not only eliminates the need for both a Telescope operator and a second engineer to adjust the bores, but also means from a practical point of view the operator making the adjustments can view directly any changes being made.  The software allows magnification up to x8.

alignment video software
Video viewer for alignment checks

Once all the bores are in line with the Micro Alignment Telescope, the telescope is left in place and the boring machine tool moved along the same line for machining.