Micro Alignment Telescope

micro alignment telescope
micro alignment telescope with fixtures

The Taylor Hobson Micro Alignment Telescope is used for precision optical alignment, checking and setting for example:

  • Alignment (series of bores or bearings)
  • Squareness (column to a base)
  • Parallelism (series of rollers)
  • Level/flatness (machine bed foundation)
  • Straightness (rails or guideways)

With its optical and mechanical axes aligned to within 3 seconds, a typical accuracy of 50-70um at 30m is achievable with the Micro Alignment Telescope.  Closer distances produce better results with a best accuracy of around 5-10um.

(The Micro Alignment Telescope is also available as a Digital Alignment Telescope using high resolution CCD technology).

Principles of Alignment

line of sight
Micro alignment telescope creates a straight line of sight from zero to infinity

The basic measurement capabilities of the Micro Alignment Telescope system are Alignment, Squareness, Flatness, Autocollimation and Autoreflection.  The Micro Alignment Telescope generates an optical straight line of sight from zero to infinity.  This forms the basic reference from which all measurements are taken.

To measure squareness or parallelism a penta prism is used to deviate the straight line through exactly 90 degrees.  A similar rotating penta prism is used to generate a plane for flatness measurement.

The Telescope is designed to allow Autocollimation and Autoreflection, providing for angular squareness and angle measurement using reflective Mirror Targets and a lamphouse.

There is a comprehensive range of accessories enabling the Telescope, Targets and Prisms to be mounted to the work concerned.

Technical Data

Micrometer Range: +/-1.2mm (+0.05in) with 0.02mm (0.001in) graduations
Barrel Material: Chromium plated hardened steel precision ground after plating
Barrel Diameter: 57.137-57.147mm (2.2495-2.2499in)
Optical Axis:

Parallel to mechanical axis within 3 arc seconds and concentric within 6um (0.00025in)

Field of View: From 50mm (2in) at 2m (65ft) to 600mm (24in) at 30m (100ft)
Magnification: x34
Focusing Range: zero to infinity
Image: Erect

Accuracy: Within 0.05mm (0.002in) at 30m (100ft) and proportionally for longer or shorter distances down 5-10um at 3m (10ft).

See the Micro Alignment Telescope in action: