Electro-Optical Metrology Upgrades

Use your Talyvel to its full potential…

We trust that your Taylor Hobson Talyvel electronic level is offering you highly accurate and repeatable measurement results, however we have a number of new developments which may improve the speed and analysis power of your Talyvel:

1. Trade in your old Talyvel 1, 2, 3 or 4 to the latest Talyvel 6 technology

The latest model of Talyvel interfaces with a laptop/tablet PC instead of a meter unit and uses clear, icon-driven, user-friendly software.  Talyvel 6 also has an optional wireless dongle for increased flexibility.  See the new Talyvel 6 here

2. Use Windows software to analyse your results (even with Talyvel 1)

For enhanced analysis of your results. This easy to use analysis software (rev7) can be used with any of the Talyvels to study flatness, straightness and twist (results from a Talyvel 1 or 2 instrument would need to be input manually since they do not have an RS232 interface). If you already use software with your Talyvel, upgrades are available to rev 7.