Dual axis digital autocollimators with icon driven software

Taylor Hobson precision Autocollimators are sensitive optical instruments  designed for the accurate measurement of small angular displacements. These autocollimators are used to measure:

  • Angle: (indexing head accuracy)
  • Straightness (machine tool slides in two axes)
  • Squareness (column to slideways)
  • Parallelism (slideways)

From inexpensive visual autocollimators or dual axis digital autocollimators capable of measuring 0.01 second, equivalent to 50nm per m.  Taylor Hobson autocollimators are used in conjunction with reflecting mirrors for the accurate measurement of small angular deviations.

Applications include:

  • Checking straightness of machine tool slideways
  • Checking dividing heads for their angular displacements
  • TA51 visual autocollimator
    TA51 visual autocollimator
  • Measuring very small angles
  • Measuring small linear displacements
  • Checking flatness of bed plates and surface tables
  • Checking squareness of column to base
  • Checking parallelism of twin slide rails
  • Checking angles of optical components and prisms
  • Alignment of optical systems
  • Measurement of slightly curved surfaces

Digital Autocollimators

Using the latest CCD technology the new Ultra Dual Axis Autocollimator offers high accuracy and stability over a range of applications.  This wide range autocollimator comes with a laser sighting aid for simple setup and a tablet PC with integrated, icon-driven software for measurement, calculation and analysis of a range of features.

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Visual Autocollimators

Taylor Hobson has a range of visual dual axis autocollimators which use a graticule in the eyepiece viewing system, with or without micrometers. 

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