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6th March 2018

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Autocollimator used to test innovative Scanner System to monitor pollution

Autocollimators were used to align the optical components when the University of Leicester built the pioneering CompAQS scanner in collaboration with Surrey Satellite Technology and DL Optics Ltd

18th October 2018 • Read »

Alignment Telescopes used by Cammell Laird on the RRS Sir David Attenborough

Shipbuilders and marine engineers Cammell Laird are using the Micro Alignment Telescope to assist with precise alignment of the ships propeller shafts to the marine engine during build of the Sir David Attenborough polar research vessel

26th January 2018 • Read »

New Automatic prism and polygon checker launched at Photonics West

Taylor Hobson will launch its automatic prism/polygon measurement system at the forthcoming Photonics West exhibition in San Francisco this month.

15th January 2018 • Read »

Rapid micro-defect and gap/flush gauges at EPMC

Spectrum Metrology will be showcasing a range of ground-breaking handheld gauging technology for rapid micro-defect and gap/flush analysis at the EPMC show this November (Ricoh Arena, 14-15 November). 

12th October 2017 • Read »

A new Laser Tracker field test solution for all your trackers

Following NIST guidelines, the Brunson KinAiry is a comprehensive field test for all models of laser tracker, allowing fast, regular health checks of your laser tracker in the field.

7th September 2017 • Read »

Digital Projectors and Video Measurement Microscopes in sharp focus at MACH

Although shadowgraphs have been available for many years they remain a popular choice for many parts with complex profiles, such as screw threads, gear teeth, nozzles, fuel injectors, and other precision components.  Developed to meet modern-day needs, the Schneider digital projector range combines proven projector technology with digital image processing and analysis, including import of DXF files for rapid comparison.

Digital projector with DXF import
Digital projector with DXF import

Traditional shadowgraphs allow the critical features of a workpiece to be projected in silhouette but the Schneider digital projector also uses an LED top light illumination system to view additional component features.  This combined with a high resolution digital camera gives a noticeably sharp, distortion free image, clearly displayed on an integrated touchscreen panel PC.  The built-in software has integrated overlays (eg cross hairs and concentric circles) and allows DXF files to be imported.  Once the DXF is positioned over the image of the workpiece, the software ‘locks’ the DXF file over the component for fast definition of circles,  lines, angles and more.

The digital projector incorporates a high precision measuring stage (with measuring range options up to 500x200mm) and various objective options for magnifications from 10x to 60x.

WM1 video measurement microscope with incident light
WM1 video measurement microscope with incident light

Where more rigorous measurements are required, the Schneider WM1 video measurement microscope takes camera based measurement one step further.  The WM1 combines a high resolution CCD camera with top light illumination and a precision measurement stage for the best possible clarity of image.  The system has precise edge detection in transmitted or incident light conditions thanks to intelligent image analysis algorithms.  Configured to meet individual requirements, the CNC model can also be extended into a multi-sensor device with the addition of a tactile probe.  A range of image field sizes are available or manual/motorised zoom can be selected.

The digital projector and workshop microscope are just 2 of the metrology systems in the Schneider range, which also includes shaft measurement systems, large volume profile projectors and rapid 2D measurement devices.  Spectrum Metrology will be on stand H18-341 in the Inspection Zone at the MACH exhibition (NEC, 9-13 April 2018) and will be pleased to discuss your measurement requirements.  Or contact us for further details.