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15th August 2012

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A fresh approach to dimensional metrology from the comfort of your desk

An easy way to view the full dimensional metrology range in one virtual showroom:

8th July 2021 • Read »

peen marking / engraving - micro features

Peen marking/engraving for parts identification is a critical element in industries such as aviation, defence and medical

7th September 2020 • Read »

Taylor Hobson Alignment Telescopes help shipbuilding industry meet their green credentials

Shipbuilders around the world are currently facing the challenge of reducing their environmental impact. The alignment telescope is used for accurate alignment of engines, propeller shafting and stern tubes - reducing vibration and wear which cause fuel inefficiencies.

23rd April 2020 • Read »

Groundbreaking fast 3D measurement of chamfer and edge break

Watch our short video to see how this handheld gauge and 3D analysis software measures chamfer, edge rounding and edge break at high speed.

16th April 2020 • Read »

Introducing 3D micro defect inspection at the MRO Europe Aviation Week

Spectrum Metrology is pleased to introduce a ground-breaking handheld gauging system to the MRO Europe exhibition for rapid micro-defect/corrosion analysis directly on the shopfloor. The 4D INSPEC ® inspection gauge is a completely new method of reliably measuring micro-defects in 3D such as scratches nicks, pits, protrusions, radius of curvature of grooves, spheres and shafts – even rivet geometry.

8th August 2019 • Read »

Precision Optical and Multi-Sensor Measurement Systems at Make Measurement Matter

Spectrum Metrology will be showcasing its new non-contact three-dimensional measurement system, the Conoscan 4000, at Make Measurement Matter this Autumn (17 October at the Centre for Manufacturing Excellence, Rainham, Essex).

The ConoScan 4000 is a high precision, non-contact scanner, capable of measuring a variety of materials with complex geometries for applications such as reverse engineering, part inspection and research. The scanner includes Optimets conoscopic holography sensors – which have the unique ability to scan very steep angles up to 85 degrees - integrated in a sophisticated scanning platform.

The Conoscan is part of a range of contact and non-contact dimensional products available from Spectrum Metrology, which includes portable CMMs, multisensory CMMs, shaft measurement machines and 2D Geometry systems (full details). This comprehensive range allows Spectrum Metrology to study individual measurement requirements and find the right product for the job. Applications range from intricate precision components to large scale engine parts.

Spectrum Metrology will be available at Make Measurement Matter to discuss their full range of measurement products; customers are also warmly invited to send samples of their precision components to Spectrum Metrology for no obligation evaluation and measurement or to visit the stand to discuss their application.

Spectrum Metrology are specialists in the field of electro-optical metrology, surface roughness, roundness, contact and non-contact metrology applications and are agents for Taylor Hobson (workshop surface finish/roundness, Alignment, Angle and Level), FARO (Gages) and Brunson (laser tracker accessories). Full details on their website (tel 0116 2766262).