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28th August 2015

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A fresh approach to dimensional metrology from the comfort of your desk

An easy way to view the full dimensional metrology range in one virtual showroom:

8th July 2021 • Read »

peen marking / engraving - micro features

Peen marking/engraving for parts identification is a critical element in industries such as aviation, defence and medical

7th September 2020 • Read »

Taylor Hobson Alignment Telescopes help shipbuilding industry meet their green credentials

Shipbuilders around the world are currently facing the challenge of reducing their environmental impact. The alignment telescope is used for accurate alignment of engines, propeller shafting and stern tubes - reducing vibration and wear which cause fuel inefficiencies.

23rd April 2020 • Read »

Groundbreaking fast 3D measurement of chamfer and edge break

Watch our short video to see how this handheld gauge and 3D analysis software measures chamfer, edge rounding and edge break at high speed.

16th April 2020 • Read »

Introducing 3D micro defect inspection at the MRO Europe Aviation Week

Spectrum Metrology is pleased to introduce a ground-breaking handheld gauging system to the MRO Europe exhibition for rapid micro-defect/corrosion analysis directly on the shopfloor. The 4D INSPEC ® inspection gauge is a completely new method of reliably measuring micro-defects in 3D such as scratches nicks, pits, protrusions, radius of curvature of grooves, spheres and shafts – even rivet geometry.

8th August 2019 • Read »

Workshop Surface Finish Measurement range at Make Measurement Matter 2015

Spectrum Metrology will be pleased to meet you at the GTMA Make Measurement Matter road show which this year is being held at the Kettering Conference Centre on 15th October 2015, where we will have the full workshop surface finish measurement range to show you:

Surtronic Duo-9 : this rugged new handheld model has 9 parameter options (plus unfiltered parameters), uses Bluetooth technology and can display both numerical and graphical results. 

Surtronic S100 series: has a 50mm stylus lift with right angle attachment and over 70mm stylus reach ensure that even the most challenging surface can be measured without the need for expensive fixturing.  Anti-slip V-feet allow the Surtronic to be used on flat or curved surfaces.  The stylus can even measure upside down!

Intra Touch: this latest model uses Icon driven, touchscreen Talyprofile software on a choice of small or large touchscreen tablet for measurement of surface finish, form, waviness and contour.

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We hope you will be able to attend - visit  for full details of the event.

If you are unable to attend please contact us for further information or to arrange a demonstration.