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12th March 2014

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Autocollimator used to test innovative Scanner System to monitor pollution

Autocollimators were used to align the optical components when the University of Leicester built the pioneering CompAQS scanner in collaboration with Surrey Satellite Technology and DL Optics Ltd

18th October 2018 • Read »

Digital Projectors and Video Measurement Microscopes in sharp focus at MACH

Spectrum Metrology invites visitors to the MACH exhibition to witness the optical clarity and precision of their latest digital projectors and video microscopes, manufactured by German designers Dr Schneider Messtechnik.

6th March 2018 • Read »

Alignment Telescopes used by Cammell Laird on the RRS Sir David Attenborough

Shipbuilders and marine engineers Cammell Laird are using the Micro Alignment Telescope to assist with precise alignment of the ships propeller shafts to the marine engine during build of the Sir David Attenborough polar research vessel

26th January 2018 • Read »

New Automatic prism and polygon checker launched at Photonics West

Taylor Hobson will launch its automatic prism/polygon measurement system at the forthcoming Photonics West exhibition in San Francisco this month.

15th January 2018 • Read »

Rapid micro-defect and gap/flush gauges at EPMC

Spectrum Metrology will be showcasing a range of ground-breaking handheld gauging technology for rapid micro-defect and gap/flush analysis at the EPMC show this November (Ricoh Arena, 14-15 November). 

12th October 2017 • Read »

See the new Talyvel 6 wireless electronic level at Mach and Control

Taylor Hobson unveils the latest addition to its line of industry-leading Talyvel electronic levels this year at Mach, Birmingham (stand 5956) and Control, Stuttgart (stand 1302). The newly designed Talyvel 6 interfaces directly to a touch screen computer and can be used in wireless mode for complete flexibility.

Used for measuring straightness, flatness or absolute level, Talyvel 6 combines exceptional accuracy, stability and repeatability.  It is simple to calibrate and operate with a fast measurement response time.

Talyvel incorporates a pendulum-type transducer that provides exceptional measurement stability and has an unmatched accuracy of 0.2arc second over the center measuring region .

In civil engineering, the Talyvel 6 can remotely monitor the tilt of structures or check for foundation settlement. It also can be used to check the level and straightness of rails and platforms. The Talyvel 6 has applications in machine tools for checking slideways for straightness and twist, columns for squareness and surface plates for flatness. It also can measure camber on rolls.

Among its most common uses is to check the flatness of granite and cast-iron tables. Aboard ships, it can be used to measure the twist of marine engine bed plates and the parallelism of crankpins, to main bearings or marine crankshafts.