Digital Alignment Telescope

Fast, repeatable alignment readings at distances up to 12 metres

DMAS alignment system with fixtures

The digital alignment telescope uses a CCD camera with user friendly software to give digital precision measurements at distances of up to 12 metres. Available as a complete system or as an accessory upgrade for existing alignment telescopes.

A high resolution digital measurement and alignment system with software automatically senses the centre position of the targets then calculates the displacement from a set datum to ensure a fast set up time with repeatable readings, as well as digitally outputting the result.

This is particularly useful on large alignment projects such as aircraft jigs or large machine tools since a single operator can make measurements and adjustments along the construction or fixture while the target is displayed on the monitor.

DMAS software digitises the telescope target

Target readings are recorded along the component and can then be output as a graph/results table or saved for further analysis. Analysis of the results can give advice on the shape and required precise adjustment of the component under construction to bring it in line quickly. Distance measurements can also be made to an accuracy of a few millimetres.

Watch our short video demonstration below to see the alignment telescope in action:

Technical Data

Max working distance: 10 metres
Measuring range: 50mm
Targets: dedicated CCD target


Resolution: 1um
Best accuracy: 5um (proportionally decreased at longer distances)